Haystack Farm and Feeds produces Special Blend Horse Pellets, Haystack Horse Treats, Timothy Pellets, Orchard Grass Pellets and a multitude of other high quality feeds. We are locally owned and operated company that focuses on producing quality feeds for a reasonable price that meets everyone’s needs.  Our feeds are available throughout Oregon and Washington. Please check with your local feed retailers for Haystack Feeds.

Haystack Farm and Feeds Headquaters is tucked away outside of Culver, Oregon, a great farming community in Central Oregon. The area is known for many specialty crops and quality hays which are grown in the High Desert. In 1989 the original feed mill was built. It was set up to produce alfalfa pellets. In 2003 Kerry & Trish Backsen purchased the mill and farm. Since 2003 many expansions and improvements have been made to increase the Culver Mills production and to expand the line of Haystack Feeds. In the Spring of 2015 Haystack Farm and Feeds purchased a second mill located outside of Rickreall, Oregon. Formerly known as the Marian Ag Mill located off McCoy Road Haystack Feeds utilizes the McCoy Mill to help increase production and allow Haystack to continue its expansion. In January 2016 two additional pellet mills were purchased to be installed at the Culver Mill. Haystack Farm and Feeds is continually looking for opportunities to improve, expand and increase the efficiency and quality of their production.

To produce our famous Special Blend Pellets, Haystack Horse Treats, alfalfa pellets, horse, chicken, goat, rabbit and hog feeds, we use locally grown products when ever possible as we believe in supporting our local farmers. We also farm approximately  900 acres of land which helps us to maintain the best quality possible.

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