Frequently Asked Questions

What are our bags made from?

We source our bags locally from bag companies in the Northwest! They are made from paper and are fully recyclable. We love that our bags don’t fill up the landfills and can also be repurposed for other uses. Many people even use them in their gardens to help prevent weed growth!

What is a more in depth nutritional information on our horse products?

Is One pound of pellets to equal to one pound of hay?

Yes, it’s pound for pound calorie wise! 

Should we soak our pellets?

 Some horses that gulp their food or that have dental issues should have any pelleted feed soaked. These horses can be prone to choking and might have to their feeding program managed in a different way. Read our article on Choke in our Vet Notes section!

How long is the product good for?

The shelf life for our products is a year if they are kept in a dry, cool environment. If you see mold on any feed product, don’t feed to any animal.

What is used to hold together the pellets?

We only use steam to bind the pellets together. We don’t use bentonite or other clay products during our process like other feed manufacturers.