Special Blend Pellets

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Haystack Naturals Premium Horse Feeds has formulated Special Blend Pellets is intended for horses of all ages that would benefit from a lower carbohydrate, high fat diet.

Ingredients:  Sun Cured Timothy Hay, Sun Cured Alfalfa Hay, Plain Dried Beet Pulp, Flax Seed Meal, Canola Meal,  Canola Oil, Heat Stabilized Rice Bran

Net WT: 40 LBS/ 18.14 KG



Feeding Instructions

Feeding Instructions:

This feed can be fed to horses of all age groups. It is intended for horses that would benefit from a lower carbohydrate/higher fat diet. There is no molasses added. It is especially useful for horses of normal weight or that need to gain weight. Combine with a multi vitamin/mineral supplement.

Foals: 0.5 ~ 1.0 LBS Daily

Breeding Animals: 1 ~ 5 LBS Daily

Lactating Mares: 3 ~ 5 LBS Daily

Maintenance: 1 ~ 2 LBS Daily

Weight Gain (All Age Groups): 0.5 ~ 1.5 LBS/100 LBS Body Weight

It is recommended that you consult with your veterinarian or nutritionist for a suggested diet for your horse.

These pellets are softer and there might be more powder present, as we use no binders during processing except steam.

Nutrition Information

Guaranteed Analysis: 

Crude Protein: Min 14%
ADF: Max 30.5%
Crude Fat: Min. 6%
Crude Fiber: Max 28%
Calcium: Min. 0.8% ~ Max 1.2%
Phosphorous: Min. 0.2% ~ Max 0.4%
Dietary Starch: Max 5.0%
Sugars (ESC): Max 7.0%
Fructans (WSC-ESC): Max 2.5%
Water Soluble Carbs (WSC): Max 10%
Ash: Max 8%

1 review for Special Blend Pellets

  1. Sid Replogle

    As our horse was getting older and loosing teeth she wasn’t able to eat enough hay to keep her weight up. Thanks to our local feed store employee who recommended this, we started supplementing with Special Blend. We soak it in water for 10 minutes and feed it as a mash. She LOVES it! It’s been several years now and she’s still loves it. I really feel it has extended her quantity and quality of life, and I’m so grateful to Haystack.

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