Beet Pulp is a easily digestible protein and is a great feed source for horses that have certain medical conditions, senior horses, and for everyday feeding. The beet pulp is from sugar beets that are harvested, cut into small pieces the size of French fries, placed in hot water and pressed to produce the sugar for human consumption. The left over pulp is dried and used for animal feed. This has been around for many years and has been a great addition to many horses feeding program. I have searched the scientific literature and can’t find any negative studies that would cause me to worry about feeding or recommending it for horse feeds. I have been a equine veterinarian for over 26 years and have no questions or concerns about feeding it to my own animals or for client horses. Like any product, certain animals might not do well on certain products, just as there isn’t a perfect food for humans. Get your veterinarian involved if your horse isn’t doing well as it might be a medical condition, environment issue, or even a care issue. Everyone needs to use common sense when they read and react to issues on the internet – non credible sources and rumors can do a lot of harm!!

Trish Kentner, DVM